Column & Boom

Column & Boom

Welding Column and Boom is also called as Welding Head Manipulator. The welding head is mounted at one end of the boom. We manufacture column and boom welding manipulators from 1MX1M upto 6MX6M in various combinations as per customer requirement.

Special Features Of Our Design :

  • Rugged Construction.
  • Wide Based & Lockable 'Swivel Base is to enhance Stability.
  • 'Fail Safe' anti-fall mechanisms in all models.
  • Minimum deflection even when 'Boom' extended fully.
  • Precise 'Jerk free' vertical & horizontal movements.
  • Over rated, pre-loaded and dust protected bearing arrangements.

Main Advantages :

  • Increased Production.
  • Allows maximum flexibility to welding head manipulation.
  • Better weld quality with reduced labour.
  • Assures high quality welding with no-dependence on operator's skill.
  • Ensures 360-degrees radial accessibility to welding head, covering vast area in the shop.
  • Trolley car mounted version gives accessibility to the full shop length.

Optional :

  • Base 'trolley car' type, movable on rail track.
  • Operator's chair, Walkway.
  • Motorized column swiveling, from 0 to 360 degrees.
  • Integration of control panel with Welding head and Flux recovery unit.
  • Provision of Remote manipulation of the welding head, flux discharge & recovery from ground level.
  • Provision of camera & color monitor.