Servo X-Y Slide For Positoing

Servo X-Y Slide For Positioning

Our Precision Servo slide offers precise Linear positioning with excellent Straightness & flatness of travel. Superior Performance, modularity &Quick Delivery make these slides the perfect building blocks for multi - axis positioning systems. The Servo slides made by Unikraft can be supplied with & without the Servo drive arrangement as per customer requirement. Customer has to specify which Servo drive he proposes to use. Servo Slides are driven by ball screw & slide on LM rails. Better overall accuracies and smooth operation are a result of quality ball screw and precision manufacturing of the parts. As per the requirement of the application Unikraft offers these slides in Coarse, Normal and Precision positioning accuracy as well as suitable for Lights, medium or heavy loads. These slides can be used for automation, Transport, Machine tools, Material handling, positioning of work heads as well as work pieces. Accessories for welding head fitting like torch mounting clip, tilting arrangement and the setting up flange are available on customer request.

Standered Range / Model :

1 USS-200 200
2 USS-500 500
3 USS-600 600
4 USS-1000 1000