Weld Seamer

Weld Seamer

Unikraft Seam Welders are used to provide high quality welds with low distortion on linear weld joints. Unikraft will also consider your special requests for seam welders and features as well.

Purpose :

Linear seam welders are used to produce high quality welds with low distortion on linear weld joints on a wide variety of parts .In most cases, the weld joint will have a butt-joint configuration. Welding is performed from the external (top) side of weld joint.In most applications, welding is performed in one pass, with 100% penetration. However, you can perform multi-pass welds if necessary. Welding is performed using GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, SAW .The joint is firmly clamped into position and the weld head is precisely moved along the length of the weld joint.

Benefits: :

The Unikraft linear seam welder has several benefits including :

  • Able to achieve consistent, 100% penetration welds with even weld bead, both top and bottom.
  • Able to maintain part dimensional accuracy due to reduced distortion and weld shrinkage.
  • Eliminates or reduces tack welding and weld quality issues related to tack welds.
  • Provides ability to hold edges of weld joint firmly in place over entire length of part.
  • The Water Cooling effect reduces distortion warping and oxidation of the weld and surrounding area, resulting in better part appearance.
  • Increased weld (arc-on) time. Hence High Productivity.
  • Reduced operator fatigue and involvement.
  • Reduced consumable costs.

These benefits greatly reduce the time to prepare a part for welding and the time to finish a part after welding. Also, rework time & Scarp Generation will be reduced. Unikraft can include optional features, such as pneumatic centering devices, and special Trolley for unloading & Loading of Job to reduce the Handling Time .