Electrode Extruder

Electrode Extruder

We manufacture and supply Extrusion Plant and Conveyor that is ideal for the production of Stick Welding Electrodes. Available in several capacities & different technical specifications, these plants ensure the swift transportation of the machine to the destination, Plug & Play operation, occupying less floor space. This plant is designed and assembled using optimum quality components and Good Engineering Practices to be in line with international standards.

Specification of our Standard model :

Capacity / Gross volume of the Cylinder 5 Liters.
Flux feeding capacity 3 liters per minute
Type of Wire Feeding Concentric / Inline to the Flux flow
Maximum speed of Wire feeder 800 pieces of 350mm length/min (280m/min)
Minimum speed of wire feeder 80 pieces of 350mm length /min (28m/min)
Diameters of wires handled 2mm, 2.5mm, 3.2mm, 4mm & 5mm
Maximum extrusion pressure 800 Bar on Flux
Lengths of wires handled 300mm, 350mm, 400mm & 450mm
Hydraulic Pressure 215 Bar
Method of Operation Automatic with HMI

Note : The Planetary mixer can be designed, manufactured & supplied as per the customer requirement, in different capacities / sizes for any specific application.

In case of Auto Mode, From the HMI, operator enters the following parameters.

  • Length of the Cut Wire
  • No of Pieces per minute
  • Diameter of the Wire
  • Coating factor / Coating Die diameter

The machine automatically calculates the

  • Wire feeder rollers speed
  • Pick up rollers speed
  • Amount of Flux required per minute
  • Individual speeds of the different conveyors namely – Cross belt conveyor, Transverse conveyor, Accelerator belt, Printing conveyor, Printing unit & the Pickup conveyor

In this case, the operator skill required to adjust the flow of the flux is reduced. However, the actual pressure at which the extrusion happens is entirely dependent upon the amount of silicate added during wet mixing. The operator need not adjust any flow valve to control the flow. In case of any fine adjustment in flow required to control the Less coating & Over coating, the same can be set on the HMI. Once the Piston has reached its end position, the wire feeding stops & the Piston returns automatically to its home position. The front Flux gate is opened & the new slugs are loaded to repeat the cycle.

The HMI stores important data like

  • No of charges extruded during the shift
  • No of pieces extruded during the shift
  • Actual hours of extrusion time during the shift.

As such this particular extruder is designed & is meant for production of shorter runs of special electrodes, high value electrodes, where each batch can be as low as 250 Kgs. The special design of the front loading & fast opening breach mechanism allows quicker change over & thorough cleaning of the wetted parts. So, there will not be any cross contamination of flux from one batch to another batch. In this way, even up to 4 different types of products can be extruded in short run in one shift. Of course, given a chance, this machine can produce 2200 Kgs of electrodes of any one type uninterrupted.

Note : The Electrodes Extruder can be designed, manufactured & supplied as per the customer requirement, in many dimensions / capacities.