Flux Cored Wire Manufacturing Line

Flux Cored Wire Manufacturing Line

Note : The above image is shown for reference only. The actual machine may appear different but the performance criteria will remain the same.

We have adequate experience to design & manufacture Flux cored wire manufacturing Line. The production of Flux Cored Wire begins by joining / butt welding many Pan Cakes of strips to form a single long strip wound on a bobbin, for continuous feeding to get maximum productivity. This long strip is passed through rollers that form it into a U-shaped cross-section. During the same time, the formed strip is filled with a measured amount of Pre-mixed Flux (minerals). The U-shaped strip is now passed through closing rolls, forming it into a tube and tightly compressing the granular core material. The tube is then passed through drawing dies that reduce the diameter and compress the core ingredients to prevent any movement within the tube.These machines are built on a very strong base that the life is enhanced. These machines provide trouble free service for many years, with proper preventive maintenance :

Machine Production Specification :

Speed of rewinding unit 3 meters per second (180 meters per minute)
Number of Rolling Stations 16
Maximum speed of the 16th Station 3 meters per second (180 meters per minute)
Maximum width of the strip 14mm
Minimum width of the strip 8mm
Maximum thickness of the strip 0.8mm
Minimum thickness of the strip 0.3mm
Maximum Flux Fill ratio 50%
Diameter of the Rollers 160mm
Speed of Stem Winder 4 meters per second (240 meters per minute)
Production Capacities
Strip Rewinding Line 200Kg/Hr
Flux Preparation System 200Kg/Hr
Forming Mill Down to 1.8mm Diameter 150Kg/Hr (For Heavily filled product > 20% fill ratio) 180Kg/Hr (For lower filled product < 20% fill ratio)
Finishing Line Down to 1.2mm Diameter 200Kg/Hr

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