Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner

Welding Positioner aligns the job to down hand welding position, the best position for manual Welding of non circular jobs. It can also be used for tilting circular jobs to ideal position & to rotate them during welding. We provide a large range of high performance welding Petitioners that includes Light Duty Series upto150Kgs to Heavy Duty Series up to 30 Tons.

Main Advantages :

  • Easy positioning of odd shaped jobs for down hand welding.
  • Allows maximum flexibility in job handling.
  • Eliminates frequent usage of crane, reducing idle time.
  • Increased production with reduced labour.
  • Single handed job manipulation and welding reduces labour cost.
  • Improved weld quality (even with unskilled operator) reduces weld defects and rejection.
  • Convenient for assembling intricate sub-assemblies.

Special Features Of Our Design :

  • Extremely Stable and 'Free Standing' with the rated load.
  • Rugged & robust Design / Construction.
  • Efficient built-in earthling.
  • Activation of mechanical 'Stoppers' in case of limit switch failure.

Other Options :

  • Head Stock- Tail Stock setups. Elevating type (adjustable table height) Positioners, Turn tables (Fixed Horizontal or Vertical tables).