Consultancy Services

With our rich experience in the field of Welding Consumables Plants, we provide our services for setting up a New Welding Consumables Manufacturing plant as follows.

  • Collect the information about the targeted sales volume.
  • Finalise the list of machinery required for producing the targeted volume.
  • Design, Manufacture, Supply, Commissioning of Core equipment, including Plant layout, utilities requirement etc.
  • Selection of balancing equipment & auxiliary equipment from reliable sources.
  • Integration of entire plant, including Plant Layout.
  • Formulation for different products, procured from reliable sources.
  • Sources for Raw Materials, Packing Materials, Consumable spares.
  • Training of Manpower for operation & maintenance.
  • Placement assistance for critical manpower.

Productivity Improvement

With our varied experience in different fields of Engineering / Manufacturing, we provide our services for the Productivity Improvement as follows.

  • Visit the Customer’s operation to study their current operation.
  • Identify the wrong practices by the operators / workers.
  • Identify Manual labour involving heavy lifting, repeated manual movement etc.
  • Identify areas demanding high skills from the Operator to the extent if the Operator is absent the line could come to a stand still.
  • Identify unnecessary movement of materials / semi finished jobs.
  • Design, Manufacture, Supply, Commissioning of the Equipment / SPM that will ensure Poka-yoke, minimise manual labour, eliminate requirement of operator skills – so as to improve the productivity.
  • Training of Manpower on how to improve the productivity by simple steps.

Trouble Shooting & Problem Solving

With our strong experience in Maintenance of various machines from various countries, we provide our services for the Trouble shooting & Problem solving as follows.

  • Visit the Customer’s operation where the problem is reported – like Machine problem, Process problem, Quality problem, Rejection problem etc.
  • Study the operation systematically, verify the parameters, verify the logbook, records.
  • Identify the Root cause / causes for the problem.
  • Provide suitable solution to the problem & also provide tips to eliminate the recurrence of similar problems.