Hole Expander For Plate Heat Exchanger

Hole Expander For Plate Heat Exchanger

The "Hole expansion" is one of the process which is part of manufacturing & correction process for plate type heat exchanger & other heat transfer equipments. Various types of tools needed for hole expansion are designed & manufactured by our firm. The Equipment consist of Expansion Hand Tool & a Control Unit. Tool Changing for Various sizes of Inlet pipe can be performed within 10 seconds.

Model of Hole expander depends on :

  • Hole Diameter Depth
  • Pipe O.D.
  • Thickness & material of Plate.

Major Benefit With Hole Expander Tool :

The advantages are many. A few are named here below

  • Cost Reduction.
  • Productivity Improvement.
  • Quality Improvement.
  • Work Environment improvement.
  • Safety Improvement.